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Visual Screening for Optometrists / Opticians
Sehstörung Hemianopsie vor der Behandlung
NovaVision VISOR is a computer based campimetry of the central visual field (43 horizontal, 32 vertical, dark background, supra-threshold stimuli).

- Fast performance from 3 minutes onwards
- Comfortable, simple handling
- Easy to manage
- Individual adjustment  of diagnostic flags
- Significant and reproducible results
- Measured values are recorded in a report
- Monitoring of progress
The results can provide an indication of:
- Visual perception disorders
- Problems in reading or attention
- Reduced central visual acuity
- Fusion disorders
- Problems in light / dark adaptation
- Visual field defects after cerebral lesions (e.g. hemianopia, scotoma)
The screening test is a coarse grid test in order to identify variations from standard value. The visual performance is tested by verifying whether standard values have been achieved or not. The test results do not lead to a differential or exclusion diagnosis.
The physician is in charge of the diagnostic review of the test results.

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